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The Episode starts with Siddhi talking to Mini. She praises Gauri. She says Gauri took care of me, I will come after ten days, I will see Vin in court. She gets Advait’s call. Mini asks Siddhi to take care and come back soon. Siddhi answers Advait’s call. She asks how is everyone. He says we miss you, how are you. She says I m fine. She lies to him. He asks her about shooting set. She lies about the lake. He asks her to take care and ends call. She says why was he talking to me like this. He says I have seen you dancing at Vin’s house, I have worshipped you, you broke my trust.

Gauri does puja of Manjiri and Shankar. She says I do your puja, as I have to reach your status. She smiles. She shows her true colors. She sits smoking. The cigarette falls on carpet and burns. Gauri tries the makeup and jewelry. Siddhi comes and knocks the door. She asks is anyone in, something is burning. Vin says what’s Siddhi doing here, we didn’t remove mum and dad’s pic, she can see it. Siddhi enters the room. She sees Gauri. Gauri lies that she does prayers in Shankar’s room. Siddhi says I thought someone is smoking inside. Gauri says no, you are mistaken. She asks them to come and have food. She hides the cigarette.

Prachi and Rajveer romance. He asks her not to leave, this is her house too. She calls him poor. He says we will get married, I know I m poor, but I love you. She gets glad. They trap each other by love drama. He promises to marry her and hugs. She says I love you so much.

Siddhi sees the normal food. Vin says I thought to get fav things for you, everyone will like wada pau. He recalls Siddhi’s fav. food. Harry asks Siddhi to have the food. Shankar comes home. Siddhi sees him and thinks I feel like I know him. Gauri thinks why did they come back so soon. She acts sweet. Vin worries that Siddhi will learn his truth. Shankar asks Vin won’t he hug. Vin hugs him. He thinks I will lose Siddhi forever. Manjiri comes in. Vin gets shocked seeing bandage on her face. He asks what happened. She says just a small accident. Shankar says I didn’t tell you, as you would have worried. Vin worries. Shankar says your mum will get fine. Manjiri says I m fine. Vin holds her. They see Siddhi. Shankar asks who is she.

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Siddhi Vinayak 17th January 2018

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