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Kabir comes to the place. Aanchal blind folds him. Kabir opens it and asks what is it? Aanchal says same thing which you left incomplete. He sees the decoration. Aanchal tears her clothes with his hand and forces herself on him. Kabir asks her to stop it. Aanchal says I am ready to give my love test. Kabir covers her and asks her to stop it. Aanchal says you left me, as you needed your rights and asks him to get her. Kabir cries. Aanchal asks why did you stop and asks if he don’t have courage. She says you still loves me and that’s why you returned seeing me hurt. Kabir lowers his eyes. Aanchal says when you have broken my heart, you had looked in my eyes. She says until she is having her breath, she will love only him and not anybody else. Kabir says you have to love Bade.

Aanchal says I just

love you and slaps him. Kabir says you have to love just Ranvir. Aanchal says I am not a toy and asks him not to handover her to someone else, and says I will always love you till my last breath. Kabir says if I don’t live then will you love Ranvir. He says I can’t snatch my big brother’s love and asks her to leave him and accept Ranvir. He says if you can’t leave me then I will leave this world. He breaks wine bottles on his chest and threatens to burn himself.

Aanchal runs to stop him. She throws the candle and hugs him. She says if something have happened to you. They hug and cry. Kabir says I can end myself, but can’t snatch my brother’s love. He asks her to do a favor on him and says I will go far away from your world. Aanchal holds his hand and says she will say yes to Ranvir, but will never love him. She will do all wife’s duties and will burn in fire all his life. She says you can’t go anywhere and have to stay here and see Ranvir and my union. She asks will you give my love’s rights. Pass Aaye song plays.

Kabir comes to Ranvir and says you are my life and my first love my bade. He begs infront of him to accept him. Ranvir says you have given me place in your house. Kabir bends down on his knees and apologizes. Ranvir says love can’t be returned, but our relation is far from everything. He widens his arms. Kabir says I love you Bade. Ranvir says I love you too. They hug each other.

Aanchal comes home with torn clothes. Rupali asks what is this? Aanchal says she is paying for love and will burn all life. Rupali covers her and cries. Aanchal comes to Aanchal and says you asked something. She says I am giving my friendship and life to you. Ranvir says I just needs your love. Aanchal says love is earned and tells that she can just give him trust. Ranvir says Rai Chand’s bahu will return to him and thanks her. He hugs her. Kabir looks on. Ranvir comes to the Aanchal’s pics room and tells that now he got her and don’t need the pics. He throws the paint on the pics and says I love you Aanchal. He imagines Aanchal telling him that he got her in Charity as Kabir gave him.

Sarika sends Aanchal to temple with Kabir. She tells Pandit that when Ranvir sees Aanchal and Kabir together, then he can’t make relation with Aanchal and feels pity on her.

Haasil 17th January 2018

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