I agree with you. And I would just like to add how selfish Suwarna is being, yeah her son died but let’s not forget she is the one that pushed him away in first place and Naira is the one that helped them come together she also helped karthik forgive Suwarna and all Suwarna cares about is making sure Naira doesn’t become close with her family. She is so self centered that she doesn’t even see that Karthik and the entire family aren’t happy and she should at least learn from the fact that they are celebrating with our her to make themselves happy because it’s been about her the last 2 years but she gets mad at karthik for being with his wife, I think karthik should be the one mad at Suwarna seeing that she is the one who broke a part a big family into two and creasted separation between so many realationships. I understand she is upset at about her son’s death but there is a limit to all anger especially when your mad at the wrong person. The many people blame for this suhana, kabir but also Suwarna she is the one that spoiled him and aloud him to do what ever he wanted.

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