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Tiwari thinks I worship Anita bhabhiji and imagines worshipping her lies a goddess,Vibhu says please call bhabhiji and ask her to kick me,tiwari says did you insult,Vibhu says yes i did,Anguri hears all this,and says I have to do something,tiwari calls Anguri,and says cmon kick him,Anguri says okay,and says ale positions,and says I feel so bad when I kick you,Vibhu says don’t please, you are a saviour,and imagines worshipping her,tiwari says break his ass,Vibhu says enough of your insults,tiwari says I was just giving her instructions,Anguri kicks Vibhu and falls down,Vibhu says I’m all well bhabhiji,Anguri hurts her leg and says I’m so much in pain,Vibhu says call the doctor quickly,don’t worry bhabhiji,tiwari makes a call.

Anu says Meenal it’s just a little fight,even

Anurag might have insulted you,Meenal says he never raises his voice and you talking of insult he is a well trained doggy,Anu says at times a doggy bites his owner that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love owner,Meenal says sorry I can’t cheat so much I disqualify you two, Anu says you take cometion from my price money,Meenal says do I look greedy,let’s leave Anurag and I’m not short of money and leaves.

Doctor says I have put plaster but how did this happen,Anguri says I was kicking him,doctor says did he tease you,Vibhu says I didn’t and tells what happened,tiwari says it’s all because of you,she tried curing you ,Vibhu says you asked her to kick hard and so this happened,Anguri says stop it you two,tiwari says dare you come again.

Doctor says I have an exercise for you,that won’t hurt your back ever,I follow it myself,Vibhu says ok teach me,doctor while performing the exercises hurts his back,tiwari says Anguri kick him with your other leg,doctor says I’m leaving and leaves,tiwari asks Vibhu to leave,Vibhu says how mean I was here to look after bhabhiji,tiwari says no need.

Saxena says oh good is there no one in this world that can understand me and be with me,malkhan and tikka walk in as Champa and Chameli,Saxena says you have name of flowers but you two smell like rats,and how come here ,tikka says you are looking for ladies for company and we are here for that,Saxena says okay but you will be tested,tikka says sure,Saxena says why does elephant drinks more water in January then February,tikka says because in February the lake dries,malkhan says no it’s wrong because they fast in February,Saxena says it’s because January has 3 days extra than February.

Saxena says next question, who has fat tummy and doesn’t eat medicines and keeps sleeping all day,malkhan points at tikka,Saxena says it’s pillow ,Saxena says last question,what is that is black in women even if she is fair,tikka says eyes,malkhan says some has brown too and says eye brows,Saxena says it’s shadow,and I haven’t seen ugly and cheap women like you two so please leave and throws spider at them.they run out.

Anu in bedroom,Vibhu walks to her,Vibhu cracks a joke to make her smile but she doesn’t,Vibhu says I know you are upset,it’s because I insulted you and I’m very sorry and I had to do it please understand come let’s practice some moves,with best couple we also will be hottest couple, Anu says get lost,Vibhu says this house is mine too,Anu says I pay rent ,Vibhu says I’m your husband,I also wash clothes utensils,and also massage you,Anu says we get help for it,Vibhu says and what about those romantic moments,Anu says shut up and get lost,Vibhu says okay good bye and leaves.anu says god I have to look for servant now.

Saxena alone says god send me some one to share my time, some women,Vibhu says may I,Saxena says god I asked for female mate you sent him.,Vibhu says I’m sad,I need a place to stay at night,Anu kicked me out,Saxena says I can’t help you by satisfying a wife’s need but you can spend a night here,Vibhu says never break someone’s heart Saxena, and sings Song.

Pre cap : Amaji says Anguri last night pandit ramphal tried to pic me and threw me down and I fell down and hurt my back,angrui kicks her and Amaji hits Tiwari.
Tiwari and Anguri meet Anita and ask her how is Vibhu,Anu says I threw him out,all day yesterday kept insulting me,Anguri says that is because,tiwari says go in,Anu says she won’t tell me angrui,Anguri says shall I.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th January 2018

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