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Komal comes to her room. She cannot stop thinking about what she just saw. What did Pragya do? She dint think what the family members or Vardaan will go through? He has supported her through thick and thin. How will he be able to bear it? He respected her so much yet she cheated everyone! Jatta’s life will be in danger if our family will come to know of it. She looks at the photos on the wall. I want to tell Lucky ji everything but I know you would lose your cool. I don’t want you to do anything wrong. she prays to Lord to give her strength to manage the situation.

Jatta pours a glass of water for Pragya. I invited trouble upon myself for no reason. He tells pragya he understands her emotions. I am with you only but look at me. I just came back from a meeting and I am loaded with work.

I am too tired. Right now I cannot think of anything. Can we talk about it tomorrow if you don’t mind? She apologizes to him for troubling him. I am also helpless. You take rest. I will talk to you later. Just think about this matter seriously. He agrees and bids her goodnight. She leaves. He thinks that Producer wants Pragya while she isn’t ready to let him go. I must do something quickly.

Lucky smiles seeing Komal sleeping. He tries to straighten her legs to cover her with duvet when she wakes up. She holds his hand and sleeps. He smiles at the gesture and looks sweetly at her.

Komal is doing puja with Pragya and Vardaan. Lucky joins them followed by Kamla ji and Malti ji. Vardaan gives aarti to everyone including Pragya. Malti ji is happy that he did puja in the morning. Kamla ji seconds her. Pragya is really lucky to have him. Vardaan excuses himself. Pragya also leaves from there. Komal and Lucky look on tensed. Kamla j wonders if Titli is still sleeping.

Kamla ji and Malti come to Bhago’s room. Malti ji wakes her up sweetly but Bhago covers her head with the duvet. Kamla ji feels she wont be able to learn anything. This way her MIL will throw her out of the house. You will be insulted. Give me a chance. I will fix her. I have done it many times before. Don’t worry. I wont do anything against you. I will help you with a honest heart. Malti ji allows her. Kamla ji shouts Bhago (run). Bhago wakes up with a start. Who called me here? How did you know my name? Malti ji asks her if she is still sleeping. Kamla ji assures her she is awake now. She tells Bhago to listen to her carefully. You have to wake before sun rises in the sky. Bring water from the well, get milk and then come to my room. I will tell you all that you have to do in the remaining day. Bhago nods. Kamla ji adds that Pinki will inform her about what is kept where in the house. She is waiting for you. Get up. They both leave. Bhago slaps her to realise she wasn’t dreaming. I feel I got saved from one jail but got stuck in another one. She lies down to take a nap when Kamla ji tells her to hurry up. Bhago jumps out of the bed.

Bhago comes to kitchen. Kamla Ma ji asked me to bring water from well. Where is the bucket? Pinki keeps mum while Bharpayi guides her. Bhago notices her earrings and imagines how she would look in them. These are made for me only. Pinki asks her if she is fine. Bhago again asks for bucket. Bharpayi says I just told you. Bhago turns to go but looks at the earrings once again.

Komal comes to chit chat to Vardaan. Everything is fine now. Are you happy with Pragya? He is taken aback. Why are you saying this? Komal says Pragya gets upset easily. I was wondering if you feel bad about it. He denies. that’s her nature. Work keeps me busy. I don’t get much time to spend with her anyways. I feel a bit strange here as it is not my home after all. She understands it too. He mentally thinks how to tell his sister the truth. She too knows her brother wont tell her his problems like this. I will have to find a solution because of which things will be fine between them.

Pragya asks Lucky if someone said anything to him. Lucky shakes his head. I just want to know if you are happy. You can tell me anything. I will always be with you come what may. She hopes everyone gets a brother like her. You are so worried for me. How to tell you this though?

Bharpayi comes to give an envelope to Teji. He flirts with her. She looks uninterested and leaves. The envelope has some photos of some guys (dead or beaten). He reads the letter. This might become your future. Just accept this cheque or you will meet the same fate. He is in a fix as to what he should do. How can I do this to Pragya ji?

Pragya tells Lucky nothing is fine and will never be. He asks her what she is saying. Vardaan is a good guy. He gets angry but he has a good heart. I am like that too. She says it isn’t about that. I don’t love him and can never love him! I cannot bear this relation anymore. I got worried when you asked me this question suddenly. I thought how to tell you but then I realised it isn’t right. I want to spend my life happily. I wont be able to live happily with Vardaan ji. I want to end this relation. Lucky tells her not to cry. It wont solve anything. I am with you in your decision. I don’t want your relation to end but if you are not happy then I will free you from this unwanted relation. Just give me some time. I will fix everything so you can spend your life happily. He wipes her tears. I cannot see you crying. She hugs him. Pardon me Bhai. I cannot tell you entire truth. I am helpless. Only you can help me get out of this situation. Jatta ji will solve the rest. He is my true soul mate. Lucky decides to help Pragya this time. I couldn’t do it last time. I will separate her from Vardaan and fill her life with happiness.

Precap: Kamla ji and Malti ji see Bhago taking out jewellery from a cupboard. Komal tells Kailash ji that Pragya and Vardaan aren’t able to spend time with each other. Kailash ji says they will have to go away from this house if they are not able to give time to each other.

Badho Bahu 17th January 2018

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