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Naamkarann Indian drama series
Naamkarann starts off about the painful life of 12 year old Avni Ayesha, an illegitimate child who lives alone with her mother Ayesha Haider, maternal grandmother Nanno or Fatima and unborn brother, denied her father’s last name. Her father is the famous film director Ashish Mehta who lives seperately from them and meets them in secret due to society and his mother, Dayawanti Mehta- a deeply religious woman who has enimity with Muslims due to her husband being killed in a conflict between Muslims and Hindus. Avni desires her family to be like a “normal” one and she confronts her father about this. Her father gathers the courage to tell his mother about Ayesha, a muslim woman whom he loves unconditionally and with whom he has a twelve year old daughter and an unborn son… For Read More About Naamkarann Go to wikipedia and For more Shortlist Details IMDB Naamkarann